Eco-Friendly Laminating Pouches
The patented SMARTPILOT takes over the complete laminating procedure. It identifies the inserted eco friendly laminating Smartpouch automatically and sets the temperature and speed – no confusing manual buttons. Just pick your pouch and let the machine do the rest.

The 8 roller turbo system is lightning fast but we have made the process even faster by welding the pouches on the long side. This reduces laminating time from the typical big brand laminator by 30%.

We have also eliminated the other typical pouch problem – dreaded static cling. Smart Pouches are electrically discharged during the manufacturing process so these eco-friendly laminating pouches have ZERO STATIC. Easily move your project around inside the pouch – no more sticky cling!

The Eco Friendly Smart Pouches are made from high-quality polyester, ethylene vinyl-acetate (EVA) and polyethylene. We guarantee we use the best available materials for the environment which are free from heavy metals, plasticizers and solvents. Better for your health and better for the environment.

Choose from our wide range of eco friendly laminating pouches.

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