Swedex Smart Pouch Laminator and Eco Friendly Laminating Pouches

A new laminating experience…

Picture this… you bring your project into the copy room to laminate 10 copies.

You turn on the machine and wait for the warm up light.  And you wait… and you wait. Finally it’s ready and you realize you don’t know the thickness of the laminating pouches you pulled from the pile on the shelf.  You take a guess and set the temperature switch…. hold your breath and feed your first project.  Uh oh….where did it go?  10 minutes later you retrieve your crumpled project from deep inside the machine.  This is the common laminating experience.

Not any more.  The new patented eco friendly Smart Laminator from Swedex is perfect for schools, colleges, libraries, warehouses and offices.  The AutoPilot system automatically sets the temperature and speed for the pouch you are using.  Pouches are eco friendly. Thanks to the Quick Start feature the machine is ready for use in under a minute.  The 8 roller engine is the fastest in the world so your laminating project is finished with perfect quality in record time.

Save time.  Save Money.  Help the environment. Save your projects with the new Smart Laminator from Swedex!

The perfect school laminator, office laminator, college laminator, classroom laminator, eco friendly laminator. Swedex Smart Laminator is suitable for projects of all sizes up to A3. Choose the perfect laminating pouch sizes for you: A3 laminator, A4 laminator, A5 laminator, A6 laminator.


Smart Pilot technology automatically detects the pouch and sets temperature and speed…no manual buttons means no mistakes.


Ready for action in less than 1 Minute.


Blazing fast…. Turbo 8 roller system is the fastest laminator in the world! Period.

It’s all in the patented pouches… crystal clear quality, zero static, enviro friendly… just plain smart.